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Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair

Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair

Human hair units are made of 100% real human hair so they look and feel the most natural however restyling after every wash is very important just like you would your natural hair whereas Synthetic hair units are made of fiber which most of the times hold styles better even after washing. What kind of hair to buy ultimately rests on your budget and the reason to buy the hair. If you value longevity, human hair might be the best option but if you like to switch your hairstyle anytime to suit any mood, synthetic  hair might be worth looking into.


Human hair units offer more styling versatility however come at a high price point and require more maintenance whereas synthetic hair units are more affordable and require less maintenance. Synthetic hair has evolved over the past years. Depending on your budget, there are some great synthetic wigs which mimics human hair feel and texture. The most common brands are FreeTress, Outre and Bobbi Boss. Due to the technological advancement, synthetic hair is no longer the heavy and shiny hair that we used to know


Types of Human Hair

  • Raw hair - Raw hair is unprocessed hair that has not undergone any chemical, heat or steam processing to achieve its texture. This is the purest form of hair and is straight from the donor either straight or wavy texture. The most popular types of raw hair are Raw Indian the most sought after; Raw Vietnamese known for the perfect straight texture; and Raw Cambodian which is great for the curly hairstyles. Raw hair is the most expensive, cuticles are still intact, strands go in one direction and is very easy to detangle. The hair color can lift to #613 blonde with no damage.

  • Virgin hair - Virgin hair is the most common human hair and it lasts a long time. This is natural human hair that has never been altered, not colored and cuticles still intact. The most popular types of virgin hair are Peruvian hair which is more coarse and thicker; Brazilian hair which is shiny, lighter and silky; and Malaysian hair which is heavier and softer.

  • Remy hair - Remy hair is human hair which strands goes the same direction with cuticles intact which makes it easy for detangling and also has lots of body. This hair may be chemically treated to achieve the desired color or texture for example body wave, deep wave or jerry curl textures. This type of hair typically lasts from six months to a year with proper care. The hair can be colored but can only lift to color #27, anything more will likely ruin the hair.

  • Non-Remy hair - Non-Remy hair is human hair collected from multiple heads. This type of hair is heavily processed hence usually lasts up to six months. The cuticles are not intact and not in the same direction because it is hair extracted from multiple sources. Further processing on this type of hair is not recommended. The hair tangles and mattes easily.



Types of Synthetic Hair

  • Hiperlon Hiperlon is the highest quality synthetic fiber you will find.  It is used for wig making and made to be durable, strong and as natural looking as possible.  It has a heat resistance of up to 420 degrees C and reacts well to styling and dying. This is the evolution of synthetic wigs.


  • Kanekalon - Kanekalon fiber is characterized by both low heat resistance and high heat fiber. The low heat fiber is used mostly for braiding and crochet hair where hot water is used to set curls. Some wigs are also made of the low heat fiber and these are very affordable to any budget. The high heat fiber is usually termed Futura and is made to mimic human hair texture and feel. Heat tools can be used on Futura units to straighten or curl.


  • Toyokalon - Toyokalon is a flame retardant fiber which has higher heat resistance. It is great for curled styles and holds the curl extremely well. This fiber is softer and wont tangle as much


We hope this clears some of the burning questions. For the absolute best Synthetic Wigs available on the market, feel free to browse our Premium Synthetic Wigs Collection. For any questions or suggestions please feel free to comment below.


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This has given me a new perspective to look at when buying hair. I didn’t even know there are excellent synthetics out there.


Very useful info thank you so much

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