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EBIN NEW YORK 10x Quick Dry Tinted Lace Spray Dark Brown 100ml

It is the Fastest Drying tinted lace spray in the market and is here to change your wig application routine. The perfect quick dry tinted lace spray for your busy tight schedule that will make you look fabulous with natural looking wig that blends seamless with your skin.

❤ [TINTED LACE] Our 10X Quick Dry Tinted Spray that dries as fast as New York minute, allows you to seamlessly blends in your wig with your natural hair line to make your wig application clean with vivid finish that looks natural.

[10X FASTER] Make your wig installation process easier and 10 X FASTER with our quick dry tinted lace spray. It dries 10X quickly than any other tinted spray in the market so you can get on with your day.

[PRESICION] Our 10X quick dry tinted lace spray is specially design with the pin point nozzle for precision application which is super easy to use. All you need to do is pinpoint to direction of location that you want to spray on.

[WATER RESISTANT] Formulated to be water resistant to make sure your wig stay looking fresh and seamless.

[SKIN MATCHING TONE] With 4 different color available, you sure will find the perfect shade that matches your skin for the seamless look.  

[CRUELTY FREE] Our 10X Tinted lace spray is cruelty free meaning you can slay your wig while being conscious.