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Dax Washable Hair Wax 3.5oz

There’s a range of hair products out there that work like concrete. They do the job of holding your look together, but they feel stiff and unnatural. Sometimes you don’t want too much stuff in your hair but you still want the support. Luckily, Dax Hair Wax is there to fit the bill, providing strong support for your hair but without a lot of noxious chemicals. It’s a water rinsable hair conditioner, meaning it will wash out easily when you’re done with it. Just rub it into your hair when slightly moist and style. It has plenty of natural ingredients, like soybean oil for natural conditioning and anti-oxidizing; carrot root extract also for antioxidants; beta carotene to help maintain hair growth; and vitamin E to prevent split ends and reduce dryness. It’s light and - as the name says - super neat. Try Dax Hair Wax when you want to feel light and natural.